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helping yourself beat addictions

You cannot make an addict accept that the drugs, alcohol or food that they consume each day is the fuel for ruining their lives. I know this well because I am an alcoholic in recovery. For years, my family would tell me that I drink too much and that things could be so much better if I just put down the bottle and got sober. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I realized how true their words were. If you are struggling with an addiction of any kind, the advice included on this blog can help you break the chains and reclaim your life.


helping yourself beat addictions

Two Of Your Questions Concerning Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Elizabeth Williamson

Alcoholism can be a devastating disease that has the potential to disrupt a person's professional and personal life. Unfortunately, this disease can be almost impossible for someone to overcome without professional help, but there are many people that resist seeking this type of care. There are a variety of reasons why someone may be resistant to treatment, but often it stems from concerns about being away from home or work for a prolonged period of time. These patients may be better able to consider entering a treatment center once the following two questions are answered. 

How Long Will You Need To Be In The Treatment Center?

In order for someone suffering from alcoholism to have the best chance for recovery, it may be necessary for them to enter a treatment facility to escape their old habits while getting the attention they need. However, the exact amount of time that you will need to be treated will vary based on the severity of your condition and your dedication to recovering. 

Most patients will need to stay in these facilities for a period ranging from a few weeks to several months. Once the patient is ready to go back to their normal lives, they will have an evaluation with their counselors to create a recovery strategy for this phase of the treatment. Usually, this will involve reporting to a counselor or attending support group meetings on a regular basis. 

What If You Are Unable To Stay Away From Work Long Enough To Be Treated?

There are many people that have the tremendous responsibility of running an entire enterprise. These people may not be able to stay away from work long enough to undergo this treatment without severely impacting the lives of their workers and ruining their business. Fortunately, there are treatment centers that are designed for professionals that work in high-pressure industries. 

These centers will usually have sophisticated office centers and phones in the patient rooms to help ensure patients are able to complete the business that they have to do. However, it should be noted that you will be encouraged to keep this work to a minimum to allow you the opportunity to focus on gaining control over your addiction. 

Without treatment, someone suffering from alcoholism may find their life spiraling out of control. While treatment centers can dramatically help individuals to gain control over this addiction, individuals with concerns about being away from work or home may not seriously consider this option. However, understanding that your time in these centers may only be a few weeks and that there are facilities that are tailored to busy professionals may make the decision to seek this type of treatment easier to make. Contact a local treatment facility, like Pacific Ridge, for more info.